My Story


Name: Joseph Yoo (although that’s not my legal name…)
No longer a teenager. Nor am I in my twenties. But I look young. Still. 
Somewhere in Korea | Hometown: I consider Mililani, Oahu, HI my hometown | Current: Santa Barbara, CA
Education: Mililani High School | University of Hawaii – Manoa (BA in Psychology) | Wesley Theological Seminary
You can purchase: Converge Bible Studies – Practical Prayer; Converge Bible Studies – Encountering Grace


I have been married to a woman who is both beautiful on the outside and inside since 2006. I’m definitely the reacher in this relationship. We both grew up as PKs (pastor’s kid) and have many, many, many pastors in our respective families. As much as I wanted to avoid ministry, I felt the call into ministry around spring time of 2003, and decided to attend Wesley Theological Seminary for the fall semester of 2003.

I don’t have much accomplishments to “brag” about. Getting married is (and always will be) my biggest accomplishment in my life. And that was by God’s grace.
I am an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. That sounds a lot more fancier than it really is.
I am trying more and more to fit into the plan and vision God has for me, and not the other way around.

I’m, at best, an average blogger and subpar writer. I blog (and like blogging) because it gives me an outlet (and space outside of a church setting) to share my thoughts about faith, ministry and all things life. But be aware of grammatical errors. It drives my wife crazy. And it may drive you crazy. English is my second language. (Though, I’ve been living in the States since I was 6.)
I haven’t published anything, and though it’s one of my dreams, it probably will never happen. That’s okay, too. It’s nice to have dreams, even if they may never come to fruition.  Outside of my small circle of friends, I’m not much of a sought out speaker. Well, I’m not really sought out within my small circle of friends, either.

I am very grateful for those who take their time to read the blog posts and especially this “about me” page.

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Blog Disclaimer
I often say stupid and (perhaps) inappropriate things. So you should know that my thoughts and opinions do not reflect the United Methodist Church or the church that I currently serve: St. Mark United Methodist Church.


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