• Remember… (Prophetic Voice Part Deux)

      Simba had grown up, successfully pushing down his past into the depths of his subconscious and living a care-free life with his life motto being Hakuna Matata. (what’s a motto? Nothing! What’s a motto with you? *laughter*). His past came roaring into his current lifestyle thanks to the Baboon who claimed to not only… Continue Reading

  • Prophetic Voice: Starry Night

      The prophetic voice makes everyone uncomfortable. Being prophetic doesn’t necessarily mean predicting the future. The role of the prophets in the Bible was less about predicting the future and more about being the moral compass of the country — usually reminding the King and the country how far they may have strayed from God. Nobody likes… Continue Reading

  • #PuraVida Part 2: the Simple Life

    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. — Confucius Ain’t that the truth, Confucius. Ain’t that the truth… Perhaps it may not ring true to you, but it does to me. I have a tendency to make a mess of things; to make things more complicated than they need to be. Spending that… Continue Reading

  • She Only Loved Me for My Hair

    Not many folks in the Bible can claim that they killed a lion with their bare hands. But Samson did just that. Even before birth, Samson was set aside for a special purpose. An angel appeared to his mother with pretty specific instructions: “You are barren and childless, (I mean, geez. Sensitive much, Angel?) but… Continue Reading

  • We Love All the Children

    But will we practice what we preach? I’m still processing my first Annual Conference here in the Texas Annual Conference. There are 3 things that have been weighing on my heart since the Annual Conference, and all 3 things have made me ask, at one point or another— in a genuine panic, for the first… Continue Reading

  • #PuraVida

    Not just a pretty phrase but also a lifestyle; a positive aptitude towards life; a philosophy of happiness; a happy way to live that simply says IMPOSSIBLE TO BE BETTER IN THIS LIFE! — from a t-shirt Breathe. And be… That’s something that’s quite often taken for granted… and something that takes a little while to be… Continue Reading

  • Coming “HOME”

    Dae Shik and I arrived a bit late for the opening worship. Instead of quietly rushing into the sanctuary, I found myself hesitating to go in. I think he did too. Everything felt so strange in a situation where everything should be so familiar. It was the second time in the summer of 2017 where… Continue Reading