• Post Number 2 on 8/31/06

    I don’t like my office. It’s lonely. You’d figure me being an introvert, that would be the ideal. but it’s not. So i discovered a second office. and i’ve been going there conducting my “work” (and yes Sammy, i actually do productive stuff. it may not be church stuff all the time, mind you, but… Continue Reading

  • Nothing

    I liked Starfield when i saw them perform at the Youth Workers Convention years back. Sammy and I stood in line to get their autographs and talk to them a little. I recommend you check out their second album. there’s some good stuff in there. There are only a few CCM i could listen to. the rest… Continue Reading

  • Grace

    as max lucado says, we’re never going to be required to give more grace than we have been given. …or something like that.

  • Nevermind what i posted. my back feels fine after basketball. I want to write a book. but i don’t write well. maybe that won’t be necessary if i have good editors? i sure can’t write short stories. i wish i could. but not really good with words. i want to write like Max Lucado. or… Continue Reading

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    I really liked it. It was quirky. It had me laughing a lot. And in all dysfunctional families, there’s some function in them. I would go into detail, but i’ll save you from all the words and how they’re jumbled together by me. But go see it. and if you don’t like it, either 1)… Continue Reading

  • went to see the doctor today. nothing’s wrong as suspected. Just muscle spasm. It’s getting much better. Maybe i feel that way because i’m on medication. but when i woke up this morning, it wasn’t as stiff as it was the other days. the wife is boarding the plane to head out to DC from… Continue Reading