• It’s Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. It’s going to be a busy Sunday. But i am up for it. I am hungry. And i have to go pee. That is all.

  • T.O. = Truly Overdosed.

    Man, i couldn’t get away from that TO story at all. and it was like a car accident, the more i saw the report on ESPN, News, or ESPN.com, i kept watching and reading. what a bizarre two days. Anyway, TO is still going to own when he plays, regardless of his antics. whether you’re… Continue Reading

  • See the Morning

    I  just got chris tomlin’s new CD, see the morning. on the first listen, i don’t think it’s great as Arriving (which i think is one of his best)but it’s okay. it’s growing on me. i like his rendition of amazing grace.i liked the passion version of Made to Worship better than the studio version..… Continue Reading

  • Ah, Medication

    More medication for me. Another muscle relaxant. in other words, i’m going to be sleeping easily for the next couple of day. yea. so i guess, that’s that. alright then. talk to you guys later.

  • sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

    It was a good but hectic day. as sundays usually are. next sunday is our church’s 30th anniversary. it’s going to be a huge day… meaning, i’m probably not going to be able to eat lunch that day. the Skins finally won. who would’ve thought that brunnell will complete his first 22 passes? i think… Continue Reading

  • Things to be Thankful For

    So money’s been real tight this month. and i was sort of worried because my ER bill for my back hadn’t come in yet, and i was expecting it any time soon. I have Kaiser Permanente, which only covers you when you go to one of their many clinics or their main hospital. when my… Continue Reading

  • What You’ve Been Waiting For

    -edit-i miss rahel. so *bump bump* So, here are our pictures from the wedding and honeymoon. It’s a lot of pictures, and it took me a while to upload and post. Therefore, if you look at them, please be kind a leave a comment. (yes, for this post, i would like to be a comment… Continue Reading