• tomorrow’s halloween. as usual, i will be at church for a children’s ministry event. i get to be part of a booth. the booth is “pie the pastor.”i’m going to get pied in the face tomorrow. great.

  • It’s a Small World

    It’s even a smaller island. i keep forgetting how small this world, and this island can be. i mean, i have a student here who knows a student at KUMC. that’s weird. it’s weird, and some times not good, of how many ppl on this island are related. *sigh* hah.

  • Madden 2007 and Other Thoughts

    Tonight, i think i accomplished one of the greatest feats in my Madden career. Earlier in the evening, i played my brother as the 49ers while he was the strong and mighty Colts. I kept it close, until the 4th quarter when my slow defense and lack of an offense caught up to me. that… Continue Reading


    so, yea, okay, i’m one of those ppl that watch Lost. anyway, i was browsing through websites in my bookmarks and i was reading the Ask Ausiello column on tvguide.com, and this is what he said:“Next week, a major character (as in a series regular) whose name is not Sawyer will join Boone, Shannon, Ana… Continue Reading

  • Hoy Ve and Other Thoughts

    The Wendy’s right next door, RIGHT NEXT DOOR, to the church opened this week. this does not bode well for my stomach. I went there today, had myself a southwestern taco salad. Hopefully i can fight temptation to walk there every time i’m at church. i mean it’s right next door. from my office door,… Continue Reading