• Kavalier and Clay

    Today, at Wendy’s i finished Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. It was a great read. It may sound like a children’s book, but it’s not. It won a Pulitzer Prize. It’s about two Jewish cousins who come together and become rather successful in the comic book business during the time of WWII.… Continue Reading

  • Budgets

    Having budgets sucks. there’s so many thing i need… ok, just want really badly. i told myself, no big purchases (minus the necessities like a down payment on a place to live and a new car for the wife) until i get out of debt. but in the meantime… PS3WiiSuperman 14 disc collectionhome entertainment setmoney… Continue Reading

  • headache..

    today, during basketball, this guy’s elbow landed square on my nose as he was coming down with a rebound. i couldn’t see for a second, and my eyes started to get all watery. now, my nose still hurts and i have a headache. just thought i’d let everyone know. =)

  • Worst Flight Ever

    So I left DCA and arrived in Dallas at DFW (wearing my Sean Taylor jersey in the middle of dallas felt good). So i was to arrive at LAX from DFW at like 5:55p and the flight to HI at LAX was to leave at 700p. Not only that, i have to switch from AA… Continue Reading

  • in less than 12 hrs, i’m back on the plane to the rock in the middle of the ocean. it was great to see the people i did get to see. for those of you who i didn’t get to see, some other time, maybe. it’s going to be a long 3 weeks or so,… Continue Reading

  • ok so i lied a little…

    but it was great seeing people at the We’s. i’m sorry i won’t be able to stay any longer and see the rest of you guys, but i’ll make do with what i had. have a happy thanksgiving!!!!