• Ho Ho Ho!

    In about 10 hrs, i’ll be heading out to church to get things ready, and then head off for the retreat. it’s exciting, but nerve-wracking as well. I mean, it’s different from the times at KUMC. This year, i had to all the planning (except for the games). The sermons (6 of em) and the… Continue Reading

  • it’s go time

    yikes. everything is coming up really fast. the best news? the wife is back. for good. now that she’s back.. 5 months seemed to fly fast…

  • Random Survey

    10 random things about me 10. I like Batman more than Superman 9. i tell myself i shouldn’t procrastinate… but yet… 8. i hate, hate, HATE needles… oh, and spiders 7.  i am not a morning person 6.  i really don’t miss school at all. none what so ever. 5. i am trying to learn how… Continue Reading

  • Insert Title Here

    Happy Holidays. I have nothing particular to say. i never really do. I have all these thoughts, worthwhile thoughts, but i decide to take those thoughts and make them personal, and write them in my journal. besides, a lot of those thoughts are complaints… perhaps of you people… so therefore, it’s better those thoughts stay… Continue Reading

  • …Late…

    I just finished reading Time Traveler’s Wife, and it left me in an awkward mood. i won’t be able to sleep any time soon. just trying to find something on TV to get me tired. I liked the book. it was a good story. it just left me feeling really sad. not only that it… Continue Reading

  • Conan O’Brien.

    HAHA. i love this man. http://hornymanatee.com if you don’t know the story, on Monday they did a segment about unknown college mascots, and one of them was this manatee dancing in front of a web-cam… and Conan ad-libbed about how it’s gonna be on hornymanatee.com.  he was later told that if one says a website… Continue Reading