• John Wesley

    I’ve been trying to better myself in anyway possible to become a better and more effective preacher.So recently, i started reading out loud Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermons from Strength to Love. I’ve been preaching it to myself, as if it was my own sermons. Then this past week, in my bookshelf at the office,… Continue Reading

  • Sleepless in Hawaii

    Man.No caffeine today… unless you count that one can of Pepsi.Perhaps it’s all in my head. I can’t fall asleep.And yes, the wife is sound asleep… no nevermind, she just complained i’m typing too loud on my laptop.I should, then wrap this up before i feel the wrath of a woman who can’t fall asleep.(right… Continue Reading

  • A Turn For the Worse

    As you may recall, we recently had a student pass away from cancer.I wrote about how seeing the father just broke my heart, because he didn’t have strength.I just found out that the father also has cancer.He was given 6 months to live around the time his daughter heard the same news about her.He was… Continue Reading

  • Back To Basics

    i was urged by our team to explore the “basics” of our faith. we decided that for our small group studies, we’d break down my sermons… and the small group leaders said they had a few kids who really don’t believe in God. (mainly the FOBs… who come to church for social reasons) but we… Continue Reading

  • Caramel Macchiato

    I think the caffeine from my macchiato is keeping me awake.it’s 212 am, and i can’t fall asleep. the wife fell asleep awhile ago. and it was making me upset that she was breathing loudly and off to dream land while i lie in bed and watch the minutes pass by.it doesn’t help that at… Continue Reading

  • Day Off

    Today was my day off, as Mondays are.Nothing interesting ever happens. i like the fact that it’s rather uneventful, because i’m a rather uneventful guy. i’m just too inwardly focused, and therefore, not social and boring.But i got married. So, i don’t have to worry about not being myself to impress the ladies. This past… Continue Reading

  • Burial Service

    This morning was the burial service.I hadn’t seen the father of the girl for a while.He didn’t come to the funeral service last night. But i saw him today.And i couldn’t even begin to imagine what he must have been going through. Literally, it looked like his life was sucked out from him.He could barely… Continue Reading