• Affirmation

    Today, i was unpacking and i came across the scrap book my kids at KUMC of GW gave to me as when i was moving back to Hawaii.When i first read it, it made me cry with the letters and words those kids said to me.I read it once more when i arrived in Hawaii,… Continue Reading

  • Started to move

    and i have no internet access at the new house yet. who knew internet service can be so friggin expensive. well, i knew that, actually..

  • Lack of Updates

    We’re in the process of moving into the new house.I have no internet access at the new place yet. So it’s getting in the way of wasting time on the internet (which is one of my favorite things to do). i just thought i’d update the few of you. I’m about to go down to… Continue Reading

  • Okay, update

    We’re slowly moving in. I’m at starbucks right now, getting prepared for tonight’s praise night. Actually, i’m done preparing, i think. It’s time to now pack up and walk back to church, and pray. I got the songs ready, and the sermon ready. I just need to get my heart and Spirit ready. Here’s our… Continue Reading

  • It’s Friday!

    Tonight is our Praise Night. I want to come up with a different name instead of the generic “Praise Night.” In DC, my colleague held called his “praise night” NeXus. It stood for Next Generation is Us.It’s also a hair product, i believe. But i still like that, The Next Generation is Us. I have… Continue Reading

  • Where the Grass is Green

    So every Wednesday (so far this year) i’ve been sitting at Starbucks getting work done before our Wednesday service begins. The Starbucks is right across the street from the church, so it’s convenient. I invite the kids to come and study with me, and so far only one has taken up on that offer. It’s… Continue Reading