There was something that a previous pastor used to always tell our kids and it frustrated me so much.He kept asking our kids to bring in friends, new members to our church. Each Sunday, during announcements, if there wasn’t anyone new, he would say “c’mon guys! We need to start bringing people. If we don’t… Continue Reading

  • I think i left my bible at CUMC. Actually, i know exactly where it is in the main sanctuary. i don’t wanna drive all the way down there. hopefully, they’ll keep it for me, and yea. in the meantime, it’s NRSV time.

  • JUMP 2007

    For the past three days, we attended Jump 2007 that was being held by Christ United Methodist Church. Though most of it was in Korea, i think our youth were greatly blessed. The speaker, was funny and good, but I can’t remember much of his message. All i can remember from the event was how… Continue Reading

  • My Court Date

    Earlier this month, I received my first speeding ticket.But it shouldn’t count because it was so unnecessary and unfair.We were going down this road, which is a downhill.There were three cars, literally, surrounding me. It’s a two lane road, so i had a car in front of me, next to me and behind me. We… Continue Reading

  • Jump 2007

    This is the fourth event that I have attended with the name Jump.National Youth Worker’s Convention of 2005 was Jump.My winter retreat of 2005 was named Jump.My winter retreat at my new church in 06 was jump. Now this at the biggest Korean church in Hawaii. Almost everything is in Korean so it’s been a… Continue Reading

  • New Office Space

    Well, I complained about my office space. Problem solved, I guess.I got moved out of the basement office and replaced at the upstairs office with everyone else. Good news? I’m no longer isolated and no longer in that messy, stuffy room. Bad news? My desk space is really small… and I have to come in… Continue Reading

  • Music

    I love leading praise.There’s something just moving. And when we’re doing really well, when i really feel the Spirit moving through us, i don’t see anyone else around me. It’s the most incredible feeling i have felt in my short years of ministry. I can’t see anyone else nor can i hear them. I just… Continue Reading