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  • I Will Find Rest In You

    It’s been an exhausting and draining week.I started going to the dawn prayer service at 530am, Monday through Saturday.This weekend (and tonight) is our Youth Seminar 2007. (We couldn’t think of a better name).The Korean church has thing called Father School and Mother School and it’s basically a workshop and seminars and how to be… Continue Reading

  • Is it September yet?

    I can’t wait until August (Madden 2008). But more importantly, I can’t wait until September. And I am excited to see how Landry and Taylor will terrorize receivers. yea.

  • Whew

    So many things to do for this week. We have our first annual Youth Seminar (we couldn’t think of a better name… ) Youth Seminar is like Father School and Mother School that many Korean churches hold. But the parents can’t be doing all the work… the children need to understand their role in family.… Continue Reading

  • My Two Dreams

    I have two desires, wishes, prayer requests that I want God to answer. One or the other, or both.One is that I want to be a traveling preacher. Actually traveling preacher sounds weird… I just want to go around the country (and the world, maybe) and preach the Gospel. I know I’m not the best… Continue Reading

  • My Father

    For those that do not know, my father is a pastor.Forgive me for saying this, and I know this is not the point, but i think I am a better pastor than he is. Sure, he has the experience. But I’m more charismatic. I’m smarter. I’m wittier. I’m handsomer.Haha. Where I’m going with this post… Continue Reading

  • Friends

    I think one of the most frustrating things I’ve come across is trying to meet up with friends.The reason it’s frustrating is that I want to hang out with them, and see them, but it’s just hard to.I don’t think anyone outside of being a pastor, really know how busy a pastor can get in… Continue Reading