• Finally, a Step Forward

    Today I am (finally) a certified candidate. It was kind of intimidating when I walked into the room with all the people waiting for me. They asked me all sorts of questions based on what I wrote, and I answered them as best as I could, at times, I felt I may be saying too… Continue Reading

  • Moving On

    It’s been a while since I’ve updated.Tomorrow, I have my meeting/interview with dCOM.I’m just glad that I’m finally getting the ball moving on the whole ordination process. As I evaluate my life and my calling, I find myself wanting to move away from youth ministry. I still love working with the youth, but I think… Continue Reading

  • Sermon Series for June and July

    So, as I may have said, we are focusing on Evangelism this Summer. And to reflect that, I decided that for the sermons on Sunday, we should do what Rev. Hamilton calls “Fishing expeditions.” These sermons are more focused on for the non-churched or nominally religious people and it’s a first step to bring them… Continue Reading

  • Korean Congregations Killing Pastors

    Yes. That’s how I strongly feel.Korean congregations, for the most part, are not pastor friendly. It’s ridiculous of what they expect and want from their pastors. There’s no room for error nor grace.Many Korean pastors I know sacrifice their families to run their ministries. That’s a ridiculous concept. Some pastors I know even glorify their… Continue Reading

  • Woo

    Wow. In about a few weeks, it’ll be our 1 year anniversary. time flies fast… and no, there is no “big news.” ha.

  • Little Things

    This is what I’ve been concentrating on, recently.The little things, because little things go a long way.I’ve been turned off by evangelists who proclaim that non-believers will go to hell. How can anyone accept the loving God, if they are going to hell by not following? Is it as a big turn off for you… Continue Reading