New Comers Lunch

Every Tuesday, our church has a Bible study group for the new comers of our church.
And every Tuesday, they eat lunch together. I try to avoid eating lunch with them because 1) I like being anti-social 2) the food is not that great… 3) they’re all old…

But today, I was hungry, and I sucked it up and sat down and ate lunch with them and our pastor and the associate pastor.

While I was eating, I realized that we were the only males in the room. All the new comers are females.
Then I realized that majority of our congregation members are female.
Even in my dad’s church, the majority of them are females.

Is it like that in other cultures?

And, if so, why is it that the women are more inclined to come to church?

And what are ways to effectively reach males?
Many of the Korean members, it’s the wife that faithfully goes to church and the husband that stays home, or grudgingly tags along.
I’m sure that applies to all cultures too.

What are things we can do (and that are being done) to effectively reach out to males?

2 thoughts on “New Comers Lunch

  1. HAHAHA.
    Yes. And it’s worse in Hawaii.
    The Superbowl airs here around 12p or so. I always have to watch the Superbowl after everything is over with.

    But what about when during the off-season?

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