Sermon Series for June and July

So, as I may have said, we are focusing on Evangelism this Summer. And to reflect that, I decided that for the sermons on Sunday, we should do what Rev. Hamilton calls “Fishing expeditions.” These sermons are more focused on for the non-churched or nominally religious people and it’s a first step to bring them to church and invite them to become disciples of Christ.

Anyway, for the month of June and July, we’re going to be focusing on “Questions People Ask.”
I’ve sent flyers to my friends and other people, and asked our church members to invite anyone who had these questions to join us in church for those two months.

I am genuinely excited! The following is the letter/flyer that was sent out to people.


My name is
Joseph Yoo and I am currently serving as the pastor of English Ministry (Match
Strike Ministry) at Aiea Korean
United Methodist
Church. Starting in June, we are
embarking on a bunch of sermon series inspired by what people think and ask
about God. With help of Rev. Adam Hamilton of the United Methodist Church of
Resurrection in Kansas, we are
hoping to reach out to people in all stages of life.

Starting in June, we will be
starting a sermon series titled: Questions People Ask.
In the series I will be addressing:

  • Is God
  • How
    can a just and loving God allow suffering?
  • Is
    Christianity the only way?
  • Hypocritical
    Christians, ungodly preachers, and organized religion
  • Making
    sense of the Bible in Today’s World
  • Why
    doesn’t God answer my prayers?
  • Heaven
    and hell
  • The
    most important question of all

 These sermons will take place on
Sundays from 6/3 to 7/29. While I know that the questions may not be answered to your satisfaction, I hope
that it will at least challenge you to think about God, and maybe even rethink
your previous notions of God.

I hope that
you can join us throughout these two months. Whether you’re already a
Christian, someone who’s never been to church, someone who hasn’t been to
church for a long time, or someone who doesn’t even believe in God, our church
will welcome you with open hearts, open arms and open doors.

If you have
any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at I hope that you will come and join us.

One thought on “Sermon Series for June and July

  1. oopts!!  i totally deleted your comment on my last post  T_T  sorry!  it was an accident.  vicodin makes me all goofy and happy.  i don’t really get tired though??  as you can see i see weird stuff when i’m on pain meds (like deleting comments) and rambling on and on.  but at least my ear doesn’t hurt anymore!  it’s so gross, i swear.
    the movie was pretty darn awesome!  i was getting really confused though, but i think that was just because i was popping pills.  awesome action.  and they even seemed to set up for another story at the end?  it was good, i recommend  it ^_^  (geez it took me like a minute to spell recommend… i need sleep!)

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