• Protection, Protection, Protection!

    We need to protect ourselves as much as we need to protect our congregation members. I’m writing about this because I have heard more than one disturbing story this week about this issue. To deny that sexual temptation exist in ministry is extremely naive and irresponsible. It’s there. I think it’s strongly present in youth… Continue Reading

  • nobody updates their xanga as much anymore. Maybe i’m the only one who is slacking. oh well. i don’t know how much more i’ll be updating this thing. so come pay attention to me here.

  • Just a Few Things in the News

    I love wrestling. I can’t help it. It’s not even a guilty pleasure because everyone knows how much I enjoy it. But as more and more is revealed from the news of Chris Benoit, the story just gets darker and more tragic. He was a great wrestler, and I’m not sure what this news will… Continue Reading

  • Trust the Midas Touch

    I love Greek mythology. It’s the only thing I liked about English class in Jr. High school. But recently, someone said to me, “So and so is very good with his hands. He has the Midas touch.” Now, I don’t understand why we continue to use this as a good thing. Sure, everything Midas touched… Continue Reading

  • But You Have One of the Easiest Jobs…

    How many times have other pastors heard this? I always have people asking me what else do I do, professionally. Their reason being that being a pastor is such an easy job, if I don’t have another, I’m being lazy. Then there’s the all-to-familiar (and annoying) “I’d love to be a pastor because you only… Continue Reading

  • Vacation

    We’re planning a vacation. A part of me wants to go to Cali and go to Disneyland, Universal Studios or Six Flags Magic Mountain. I think, In N Out is a huge draw too. Universal Studios, Disneyland and Magic Mountain, in that order. -edit-I just realized i went to universal studios 4 years ago. hmmm…… Continue Reading

  • 40 yr Old Marries 16 yr Old

    Yes. When I ran across this article, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I think 16 is too young to make a life altering decision like that. If that was my girl, I would not have signed that consent form. I don’t think I could bring myself to it. What I would’ve done is… Continue Reading