Effective Sermons

Going along with the previous sermon, what makes a sermon effective for you?

Also, today, i woke up to some sad news. Somebody went through my car, that was parked in the drive way, and stole my iPod.
I carried that thing everywhere with me… but now I no longer have the iPod.

One thought on “Effective Sermons

  1. Sorry about the ipod. Mine was jacked a couple of years ago. Of course, they also took the truck in which the ipod lived.
    I was more upset about the ipod than the truck.

    As for sermons, I think there a couple of things that make the message effective. First is preparation. I can tell when someone has done her or his own preparation, has sat with the text, and has come up with her or his own conclusion.

    The second is stories I can relate to. If the pastor is telling a story about how great the view from Mount Everest is, I can’t relate. But if the pastor tells a story about the hard work it takes to get to the top of Mount Everest, well, I can relate to hard work, even if I’ve never tackled that particular challenge.

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