Liberals vs. Conservatives

Yesterday someone started to talk about conservative and liberal Christians. I wasn’t part of the conversation, but they were sitting in the office and discussing it and I was eavesdropping. They had some interesting things to say. Most Korean churches tend to be conservative, because we are a rather conservative culture.

But this was also asked during my interview to be a certified candidate. My answer came from what I have observed while in seminary and on. Of course I know that this is just a very broad generalization and maybe I got it all wrong, but for now, at least for me, it works. Many probably will disagree… but this is only from my (small and narrow) experience, and please remember that I’m just painting with a broad paintbrush.

To me, the cons of many conservatives is that they hold on so tightly to the bible that people feel they can’t live up to the standards and also it becomes very exclusive. The pros is that they hold the Bible as the absolute truth, no ifs, ands or buts about it.
The cons of many liberals is that they try to be so inclusive, at times, I feel that they can “water down” the word of God. But the pro is that everyone feels loved and welcome.

Now for me, it’s the point of balancing my definitions of being a liberal and a conservative. Someone told me when someone asks where do you stand in your faith, I should respond “I’m a radical moderate.” If I were to say that, and that person then said, “explain what you mean,” I’d have to change the subject quickly. I don’t know what that really means.

If someone, particularly a youth, asked you about liberal Christians and conservative Christians, what would you say to them?

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