• You Tubed

    Just wanted to be self-centered today and post up some youtube videos. This one is the events and things that we did for this summer: This is part 2 of the summer video. I’ve had this idea for months, but when it came to making the video, I was tired and creatively burned out. Hopefully… Continue Reading

  • Temp Hair Style

    I don’t know what possess me to do it, but I thought it’ll be funny. It was our first college retreat… and I just wanted everyone to be a little relaxed so they can enjoy one another and this time with God. I needed to shave my head again, because it was getting real long.… Continue Reading


    Okay, i actually made that sound really more important than it is… but i need all the help i can get. Last year, my hard drive crashed, and i never backed up my pictures. I’m making a video/movie and need it to be done by this friday. i realized, i don’t have any pictures of… Continue Reading

  • Taking It Back

    Have you ever, as a preacher, had those sermons where you just wish you could redo? You want to apologize to each and every person that heard it, like a money back refund, in a way. Today was one of those days. I just wish afterwards, during the announcements, I could’ve said, “y’all I’m sorry.… Continue Reading

  • Here are the sports teams I like to follow. Feel free to send me jerseys of these teams. size XL NFL:Redskins, PatriotsNBA:WizardsMLB:Red SoxEPL:Chelsea FCMLS:GalaxiesFIFA:South Korea, England can’t wait till NFL starts!!

  • I was upset with the Redskins front office for trading away their draft picks. But in the franchise mode in Madden, I trade away draft picks like their nothing. But it’s worth it. My Defense is killer. In the first two seasons, we didn’t make it to the playoffs. I may consider getting a different… Continue Reading