Funny How Things Work

During the last night of our young adult retreat, we did a love feast where we fed the person next to us, and said something affirming to them.
The person that was going to say something to me happened to be my student from Virginia that was visiting me.

He told me that one of his turning points was a time when he called me after something happened.

I remember that call too. I also remember feeling clueless on how to help him and had no idea what to say to him.
I do remember telling him, there’s nothing really I can do for him, except to pray. He said that comment took him by surprise and made him think really hard, and led to a turning point in his life.

Of all the things I said to him and done for him, I didn’t know that this incident made a change in his life. Mainly, because I didn’t know what to say to him. After the conversation, I remember telling my wife (then my girlfriend) “I think I screwed this one up.”

God is funny.

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