• RIP Office Computer

    My computer office decided that it no longer wanted to turn on. What great timing. I will have to see if the church will be able to get me a new computer for my office. Well, the good thing is, I backed most of the important stuff. I don’t like lugging my powerbook too much.… Continue Reading

  • Being Uncomfortable

    I often wonder when Who I Am will get in the way of doing ministry and God’s will. I get in the way of ministry more than I want to admit. Sometimes, I hate the fact that I’m such a strong introvert. In a crowd, conference, social gathering, I’m the guy that is quite content… Continue Reading

  • Take A Moment

    Tried to take a moment to quiet down… and I can’t There’s too much movement. Too much noise. God’s presence and voice, they are barely audible through the mess that goes through my mind. “Be still,” God says. “How?” I reply. Too much on my plate. Too much on my mind. I can’t be still.… Continue Reading

  • Who Says God Doesn’t Answer Prayers?

    I just wish the timing would be better… Our current house, we’re not happy about it. When we first saw it, they made it up to be real clean and real nice. Turns out, we were duped. The house needed a lot of work. And our property manager was ignoring our calls or making some… Continue Reading

  • how embarassing

    ‘Skins should’ve won. Rex Grossman said in his post-game interview, “I have to do what I do best.”Which led me to think, what does Rex do best? Help the Bears lose. Chicago is “Rexually dysfunctional”xD

  • Your Will Be Done

    I’m sure many of us in ministry struggle with God’s will and our own will. Am I doing this for me, or am I doing this for God, is a question that I have asked many of times. I think this question arises the most for me when I am forced to think about my… Continue Reading

  • update

    today, i have an interview with the board of ordained ministry to apply for probationary membership. at this rate, when i am 30, i’ll be ordained. yippie. in other news:i can’t stand the fact that my wife is a cowboys fan. good thing she’s just a casual sports fan. she talked about wanting a cowboy’s… Continue Reading