• Winter Retreat

    So I have been mulling over what our winter retreat theme is going to be. I need to hurry up and figure it out so I can start working on the messages. That’s the bad thing about Hawaii. We can’t call up guest speakers that often because it’s just too much for them to fly… Continue Reading

  • I Can’t Sleep

    It’s earlier than my usual bed time… but I’ve been lying down in bed for an hour now and I just can’t sleep. What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?

  • they say that you can’t have two favorite teams in the same league. but i do. i have a fave NFC and a fave AFC: the redskins and patriots. of course, when they play one another (like today) my loyalties lie with the Redskins. i just can’t believe how they got creamed. it wasn’t even… Continue Reading

  • TSA

    So how many people had bad experience with the TSA at the airport? (As I’m typing TSA, I don’t even know if that’s what they’re called). When the Wife finished school and moved back to Hawaii, she felt that she couldn’t lug the big VAIO laptop with her, so she put it in her bag… Continue Reading

  • A Complaint

    During my interview to be approved to apply for probationary membership, I told the BOM that I was struggling to understand what is going on in my church. All the meetings are conducted in Korean. My Korean? Not so good. So a lot of times I am lost, and because of this, I am excused… Continue Reading

  • Here We Go

    It was a great time in San Diego. Please continue to pray for the people of Southern California. I feel like I have so much to do. But it’s not burdensome (yet). In fact, I look forward to grinding things out, and enjoying the presence of God all the while I do the things required… Continue Reading