Lately, I have been struggling immensely when it comes to preaching to our young adults. The youth sermons, I feel, are going fairly well. There always can be room for improvements.

But for about a month or so, I’ve just walked away from the pulpit feeling… well, embarrassed and apologetic.
I don’t know what is going on. My wife, my biggest supporter and critic, has been constantly questioning me what is going on.. and I do not know.
I can name all the things that I maybe doing wrong… but I have never really struggled this much.

When I’m studying and writing the sermon, I feel inspired and spirit led. But when it comes to the time of delivery, all is lost.
I’m baffled and completely frustrated.

I have been pleading and begging God for insight and wisdom.
Perhaps, I have been depending on myself all too much throughout the past month.

I am at a lost of what to do next, besides turn to prayer. Thank God that next Sunday, we’re at a conference so I don’t have to preach.

Any tips and/or suggestions for a preacher that is struggling?

2 thoughts on “Preaching

  1. Something to think about when it comes to preaching- are you preaching on topics that you want to preach on or are you: 1. Preaching on things you are being forced to preach on 2. Preaching from a passage or topic because any Bible topic or passage will do?
    When I first started preaching I tried to follow the pattern of the other preacher at my church. The elders talked about how great of preacher he was, as well as several of the minister- and there’s no doubt he is good. By he’s not me. I don’t preach the same way, I don’t use the same type of illustrations, I simply preach differently then he does now. I don’t try to preach like him, I preach in the way that God has gifted me.
    Hope that helps.

  2. We usually have a set sermon series…
    For instance, for our youth we were going over Christianity and the Simpsons and for our young adults we were going over the book of Philippians.
    I think I try to do a little bit of both, topical preaching and preaching from the text. For Advent, I start using the lectionary.

    And thanks for the comment =)

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