• Shane Claiborne

    I just saw pictures of him and thought he would be a guy I’d like to talk to. I wouldn’t mind having his look. But I don’t think it’s wise for me to wear dread locks, as cool as I may think I’d look in them. I still don’t know anything about him. But today,… Continue Reading

  • Senseless Tragedy

    The death of Sean Taylor has hit me harder than I thought. I’ve been bummed out all day. And I can’t stay away from the news. Even though I’ve seen the same segment on Taylor 6 times on Sportscenter, I just watch it, and feel even more sad. This goes beyond my love for the… Continue Reading

  • RIP Sean Taylor

    I’m up for no reason watching Mike and Mike on ESPN and I just learned that Sean Taylor has passed away. I am completely at a loss for words. My prayers go out to Taylor’s family.

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Are you willing to share what your guilty pleasures are with me (and whoever stumbles upon my blog)? I think comic books would be considered a guilty pleasure of mine, but really… all of my kids know that I love comic books. And they know that when I go to Barnes and Nobles or Borders,… Continue Reading

  • My Favorite NFL Player

    My favorite NFL player is Sean Taylor. He’s been shot and is in the hospital. Reports say that it may have been a burglary attempt. I pray that he will pull through and be able to play again.

  • Young Adult Ministry

    My friend, Andrew Conard, asked this question on his blog: How do you get 20 somethings to church? I think Andrew had good insights on what we as a church can do. But recently, I’ve been noticing something else within young adults of the communities that I served in, DC and Hawaii. I was listening… Continue Reading