American Gangster

Yesterday, my wife and I caught the matinee showing of American Gangster.
I love movies about gangsters and organized crime: the Godfather movies, Casino, Goodfellas, Scarface, the Departed. We are also on our last two discs of the Sopranos. 

I think I mentioned to a couple of my students that I would love being a mob boss, or the mob’s right hand man. I think I scared them that their pastor could think like that.

Personally, I could see a lot of similarities in duties between, say, Tony Soprano and being a pastor. But then again, you can compare any leadership position to being a pastor, i.e. quarterback.

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I would’ve even loved it if we paid the regular price. (Which by the way, is getting ridiculous). Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe are two of my favorite actors, and they both delivered.

I did find it interesting (and amusing) that Frank Lucas (Denzel’s character) attended church every Sunday. And that Michael Corleone would have the priest baptize his son, or Tony Soprano would get upset that his son wasn’t taking confirmation seriously. Or how gangsta rappers thank God after they win an award. There’s a whole new post in this paragraph, but frankly, I’m paragraphed out. These ordination papers are going to be the death of me.

Go and indulge in the world of crime, and watch the movie.

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