Jesus Christ is Lord

For the most part, people of Hawaii are relaxed and laid back. This attitude seeps into the church and our faith. Someone once pointed out that many view being a Christian as being an American. What makes someone American? For me, I became an American at age of 17 when my parents became naturalized citizens. Many of my youth probably view their faith in this way: they are a Christian because their parents are. With that attitude, the statement “Jesus Christ is Lord” is diluted and loses its powerful meaning.
For me, when I declare Jesus as Lord, I am surrendering all I am to serving and loving Christ. Many, I feel, interpret this statement as Jesus Christ is Lord, only on Sundays. But Christ is (and should be) Lord each and every moment we exist. By restricting the Lordship of Jesus in our lives, we end up serving God with divided hearts. Jesus declares that we cannot serve two masters, and for many of the people I work with (and often times myself), we try to serve two masters.
I believe that true freedom comes from proper submission in Christ to God. Jesus needs to be our Lord of everything for us to experience true freedom. Not just the ruler of our church life, but ruler of all aspects of our lives. We need to believe that Jesus is our Lord in every day, in every decision, in all that we do.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Christ is Lord

  1. I agree with the first and second paragraphs completely. There is far too little reverance given to Jesus when it may be an inconvenience, if it is going to affect our lives too much. But I don’t think we can gain true freedom until we enter heaven. I understand what you are saying, but I think the word freedom is a bad choice there. We are free when we become Christians, but not truelly free until we hit heaven. I think perhaps our peace and joy increase, but not so much our freedom. Nice blog though.

  2. wts – I can’t really say that I know why Jesus mentions Balaam in Revelations. I’ll look into it, and watch the video you linked as well soon.

    Dale, thanks for your comments. I think we would find more freedom in a life serving Christ than a life serving something else.

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