I Do Feel A Little Guilty

I asked my wife if we can upgrade our current digital cable box to a HD cable box for only 7 more dollars a month.
After much prodding and begging, she finally relented.
I called up our cable service provider, made an appointment to pick the unit up, brought it home and set it up.

I was in awe of the clearness and crispness.
My wife walks over and says, eh, I can’t see that much of a difference. But with that 7 dollars more a month, you could’ve done something more useful with that money.

That kind of stung, because recently we sponsored a child through Compassion, and for  8 more dollars a month, we could provide regular HIV/AIDS tests.

My wife said in passing, but I really struggled with it. I mean, no one needs HD TV.

Think of me what you will, but after I watched my first football game, I couldn’t part ways with it.

I’m sad with myself, but the sadness melts away as I watched Sportscenter.

Yes, you may shake your head at me. I probably deserve it.

2 thoughts on “I Do Feel A Little Guilty

  1. Joseph – I would not feel too guilty. There is a balance between want and need. We are currently thinking about upgrading from rabbit ears and HD is a part of the conversation. I imagine SportsCenter is that good 😉

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