What Is Your Hobby?

I think it’s healthy for pastors (and everyone else) to do things that are outside of work.

So I am curious, what kind of hobbies do you guys have?

I like music, playing, listening and all that.
I really want to pick up photography. Buy a decent cheap camera and just take pictures.

I’ve been saving up for a new guitar since July and finally bought a new guitar. I will introduce you to it on my birthday. Which is about 40 minutes away, Hawaii time.

But I’m curious to know what hobbies everyone has.

2 thoughts on “What Is Your Hobby?

  1. Well..i suppose hobbies are the most important part of your life…dey let you know how to live up ur life and lets you explore your innerself. I like sketching with my headphones on and just lost in that world of creativity that demands a lot of concenteration and perfection.
    Am also very curious to buy a fishing rod and go someday to the lake to make a catch and cook like a nice adventurous camping.
    But first i need to start earning myself and then only can i make my dreams come true. I am also interested in aviation…wanna build my own rc airplane and fly it and teach small kids how to build it so that atleast a few of them might take up aviation as their career.
    I think small hobbies that you follow when u r a kid can make a very profound effect on your future career so i suggest people to take up initiatives to build something small and interesting with their kids.
    Happy hobbyinn….i m dyin to start earning so that i could fulfill my dreams

  2. Dictionary says: “Hobby = An activity or interest pursued outside ones regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.”

    In that case – cooking, photography, music (listening and playing), watching sports, playing sports (dodgeball and kickball are my new faves), partying, people watching, procrastinating, eating, singing, reading books, working out

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