The wife and I found this great Thai restaurant in Pearl City.
A friend introduced us to that place, and we’ve been going back quite often.

Last time we ate the restaurant, I noticed something. There were pictures of Buddha, statues of Buddha, paintings of Buddhist monks and temples and so forth.

I always find it interesting that  no one really has complaints about other religious pictures. Now, had that been a picture of Jesus in a public restaurant, I think that restaurant would face a lot of complaints. Or maybe it’s just speculation.

2 thoughts on “Picture

  1. I would have no complaints/problems of a picture of Jesus in a restaurant. My grandparents had a scary picture of him in their room and I refused to go in there though. As for the Buddhas, I’ve never seen a scary one. But I guess I was really young with the Jesus picture incident so I don’t think it would be scary anymore.

    What is this Thai place anyways? I love Thai, just had it for dinner actually. My dad always goes to that place about Sam’s Club, every day for lunch.

  2. My dad used to have a scary Jesus picture. Every time I look at it, it was as if he knew every bad thing I did, the way he’d stare at me. So i avoided that picture.

    I forgot what the Thai place is called… but it’s across the street from Chucky Cheese’s in Pearl City, next to Flamingo’s restaurant.

    I heard there’s a really good and cheap hole in the wall Thai place on Nuuanu St.

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