The Cost of Discipleship

So I’ve been reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship here and there.

He brought up a good point on how we don’t really take the word of God seriously in our lives.

For instance, when my father told me something, I knew that I’d better get done and soon. If he told me to go to bed, there was no waiting a half an hour until he comes and tells me again, it meant go to bed, now.

But when God commands us to put God first, or to love our neighbors, we don’t take it as seriously as when our parents tell us to do so. I guess that’s a loose interpretation, because after a certain age, we stop taking our parents seriously too.

I’m always baffled at my short comings. Love God and love your neighbors. They are such simple commandments. But yet, I seem to break them countlessly, and with ease, sometimes without even thinking, I break them.

One of my questions for the probationary paper asks me to discuss my understanding of humanity and the need of divine grace. It made me think what humanity would look like without divine grace.

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