• I’m Back

    What a Winter Retreat. I’m tired. My voice is completely gone. I wonder how I am going to be able to preach twice tomorrow. It was one of the best experiences that I had. And it all started on the first night. We finished up the sermon and had a little time of prayer. After… Continue Reading

  • Winter Retreat

    So, here we go. Months of planning, and now it’s time to move all the planning into action. I’m excited, scared, nervous, hopeful, anxious, and more all rolled into one. I also can’t wait for it to be over too. I hope everyone else has a blessed week. I’ll see everyone in 2008.

  • Being Nice, Yet a Little Insensitive

    I think I ran into more than my fair share of people who try to be nice, but come off as insensitive, ignorant or both, and it has to do with my Asian heritage. Once, in DC, an African-American girl told me that my “eyes were slanted in the perfect angle.” She wasn’t trying to… Continue Reading

  • Apple Store

    I went to the Apple Store yesterday to pick up a new office computer for me. (I love the Apple Store). The sales person helping works with youth at a Catholic church on the island. I was sharing with him how I felt like I converted more of my church members to Macs than to… Continue Reading


    My probationary papers… they’re finished…? I can’t believe it! I just need to make video copies of the sermon, get the transcripts requested and get a photo of myself. Then, send these things off. I’m done! Now… onto the winter retreat stuff… January cannot come soon enough.

  • Dear People of the World

    I just want you to know that I love you. Though I find it difficult at times, I try. And I know that you may find it difficult to love me. But I have a favor to ask you. Well, I have many favors to ask, but I will start with this one. I know… Continue Reading