What A Morning

I wanted to get up early to get some work done, since it’s piling up.
So my wife woke me up before she went to school for work. She couldn’t find her keys so I gave her mine.
I got ready and started walking towards Coffee Bean which has become my third office, behind my actual office and Starbucks.
We had a huge storm last night. The wind was blowing like crazy and it rained like crazy. But this morning, it was peaceful and the sun was out.
Good day, I thought to myself while I was walking to Coffee Bean with Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia was playing in my iPod.
I get to Coffee Bean, and the lights aren’t on yet. There’s a little sign on the door that said “Will open later. Closed due to no power.”
I was stuck. I couldn’t go back home because I didn’t have my keys. There was no where to sit near that area because everything was soaked and wet. This was about 830a. So I stood outside Coffee Bean hoping that maybe the power would come back on. I really had no idea what my options were. I knew the bus that I usually take to church would come around 920a, but I didn’t really want to take the bus. My wife and I were supposed to meet someone for lunch. I called her to see if she was willing to come down to my area earlier, but she didn’t answer her phone.
So 920a came around, and I reluctantly got on the bus. I’m already just upset because I wasted an hour of my morning.

I got on the bus, and I try to find some song on my iPod to match my sour mood. As I was going through my albums, I saw that I put the sermons from NYWC that I purchased. And one of them was Shane Claiborne’s. It was only 19 minutes long, so I figured I’d give it a listen, with great anticipation. (He wasn’t at the NYWC I attended in San Diego. I think he was there for the St. Louis one.)

About 3 minutes into the sermon, I realized that Shane was reading directly from Matthew, the Sermon on the Mount. And that this was going to be his entire sermon. I was getting annoyed, because I was expecting some sort of message. I was about to just turn it off even more agitated, but I only had 16 minutes more to go.

But as he kept on reading from the Sermon on the Mount, the words kept pricking at my heart. It’s been forever since I heard the Sermon read from beginning to end. And I begin to realize how powerful those words are still today. “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” Ouch. I actually said that out loud on the bus. But the people on the bus are generally good at ignore others.
And he read the entire thing.
And I was blessed. And inspired.
I want to practice reading it out loud over and over and then “preach” it, word for word, to my youth. Hopefully they’ll be just as blessed by it as I was.
I’m embarrassed that I dismissed the sermon so quickly, but glad that I kept listening to it. Suddenly the bus ride seemed much more pleasant. My sour mood was lifted and replaced with awe and adoration for God. As soon as the sermon was over, I looked over at the stop the bus made, and there was a Starbucks. (awesome).
I order my drink (tall cafe americano) and open the bible to do my daily reading of Psalms and Daniel. I open to Matthew, and started reading the Sermon on the Mount. Doubly blessed by it.
I turn on my powerbook to start work and there is an unsecured wi-fi. (double awesome). Thank you for letting me leech off of you.

Now, I’m sitting here with David Crowder playing on my iPod. It’s going to be a good day.
Thanks be to God.

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