What to Expect From This Blog

I want nothing more to be eloquent and give you deep insight on the world around us through a Christian perspective.
There’s one problem. I’m not eloquent. And my insights are deep as the surface.
While once in a while I like to blog what I am going through ministry and what I think about the Church and Christianity, I have to admit, it doesn’t take up all of my life. Don’t get me wrong, God and my life living for God, that is all I try to be, and all that I want. But my thoughts aren’t always centered around what goes on church and my thoughts of the Church.
I’m just a goofy guy that God happened to call into ministry. I still struggle with understanding why God called someone like me, because there are better people suited for this kind of work. I’m too goofy, brash, cold-hearted, blunt, annoying, handsome, awkward, corny, handsome, immature, lazy, prideful, undisciplined, sometimes tactless, handsome, selfish, weak, don’t have priorities straight at times, handsome, and so forth. But I think that’s a testament to God’s goodness, that God would use someone like me. That should encourage people that God uses everyone and anyone for God’s glory. His strength and glory is shown in all my weakness.

Once in a very while, I’ll have a deep insight that may bless you, or not. Most of the time, I’ll probably have nothing really poignant to say, but hope that you were able to take a couple seconds off your day to be mindless. As a pastor, I like mindless things. May be too much. If you want post that reflect thoughts of ministry, Church, Christianity and so forth, I invite you to check out these blogs: Thoughts of Resurrection , Deeply Committed, and Catching Meddlers. The first two bloggers I went to seminary with and am glad that I keep in touch with them through this way. Especially since I’m so far away from the continental US that I forget I’m still living in USA. The last one is a blog I discovered through their blogs.  But all three are great reads. And so are the rest on my blogroll.

So I guess what you can come away with this post is that I’m handsome.
Okay, I kid (see? corny, awkwardness, so forth).
I’m blogging not as a pastor.
I’m just the average Joe (who’s handsome. Okay, I’ll stop. I was making myself sick).
And I happen to be an “average Joe” that’s in love with God and called into ministry.
I’m proof that you don’t have to be smart or accomplished to be a pastor (though those are great characteristics and talents to have), but someone that’s willing to live life for God.
So with that said, I am off to bed at 100a Hawaiian Standard Time. I have to lead a youth/young adult Dawn Prayer Service at 530a, which means I have to be up about 445a. That gives me a good solid 3 hours of sleep.

I am not a morning person. God still works through that.
Thanks be to God.


Latest Comments

  1. Andrew Conard says:

    Joseph – Thanks for your reflections and the mention of Thoughts of Resurrection. I am not sure if I could make it at a 530a prayer service – wow!

  2. Joseph says:

    I barely made it. I pulled up to the church at 525a and there were a couple of kids waiting for me.
    Koreans are hardcore. Our adults do it Monday – Saturday.
    Our kids once a month (Thank God!).

  3. Kevin Watson says:

    Joseph – Thanks for mentioning deeply committed. I enjoy reading your blog because you are just yourself, your passion for God renews me. You are a gift to the church.

  4. Joseph says:

    Thanks for your words, Kevin.
    I enjoy reading yours too. Am always envious that you’re done “jumping through hoops” as they say for ordination. =)

  5. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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