Discerning a Call

I feel that God has called me to do something.
But I’m not sure.
The idea first popped in my mind in October. And it’s just been in there and conversations about it would come up in the weirdest of places.
However, right now, I’m at the point of identifying my motives.
I need to do know if my motives are pure and for the glory of God and not myself.
You know who could help me with this? My dad.
But for some strange reason, I don’t want to go talk to him about it. Not yet at least.

So here I am, in prayer.
A part of me feels like I’m stalling, like I know this is what God wants to do for me, but I need to find excuses not to do it.
The other part feels like I need to make sure that it’s really God calling me to do this and not my twisted little mind.

I’ll be more clear when I truly find out what I’m to do.
But in the mean time, I’ll continue to pray for discernment.

4 thoughts on “Discerning a Call

  1. Hi Joseph,

    Clearly God is putting something on your heart/brain/soul that will bring great depth to your life. And I’m sure the time will come for you to explore it with your Dad. What a gift that will be!

    In the meantime, are there other faithful, trusted Christian mentors that you could turn to and “talk it out” with? Those who could be a sounding board for your thoughts and prayers in preparation for that time?

    I think this is the deepest meaning of the “covenant community;” ones who help us along the way, help us get clarity, help us find “spiritual direction” without giving us the answers.

    Grace and Peace, Terry Van Hook

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