• Devotions…

    I wrote a post a while back about personal journals. I write in my personal journals as much as I can. And there far more personal than what I can share online. However, recently, I’ve been reading the Bible, and taking a verse that stood out and write a short reflection on them. It’s really… Continue Reading

  • Need Your Advice

    They can’t reschedule my interview. I understand that. That means I must reschedule my fast. I was thinking about starting it after the interview, which is March 10. That means I will have to fast through Easter. I don’t know if that sounds right to me, theologically. The other option is right after Easter. What’s… Continue Reading

  • The Quote of the Year

    Well, not really. But I was talking to a friend who works at at church. He was telling me they hired a new Presbyterian pastor from Korea. My first reaction? This should be interesting. Korean Presbyterians tend to be very conservative, and he’s doing ministry at a United Methodist Church and attending a UM affiliated… Continue Reading

  • Young Adult Ministry

    What’s one way to nurture the growth in a ministry geared toward the 20-somethings? When does “young adult” end and “adult” begin? I really love our young adult ministry. I think more than the current youth ministry. But it’s at an odd place right now. We have so many of the younger 20s that a… Continue Reading

  • Necessary Evil

    Ah. It’s 135am. And I am wide awake. Why? Because we are having an all boys lock-in at our church. About 20 or so boys and one me. I hate lock-ins. I really do. But it’s nice to just let kids have fun once in a while, you know? And it’s one of those better… Continue Reading

  • Words Can’t Express…

    Today, one of our freeways were closed for a couple of hours. A 23 year old man threw a baby off the bridge and onto the freeway, killing the baby. The story is just breaking, and I don’t have any information. But this is heartbreaking and a painful reminder of how much of a broken… Continue Reading