Perception of Leaders

From Espn’s Sports Guy, Bill Simmons:
Obama smokes cigarettes. I can’t get past this. Should the president be one of those guys who tells his staff, “Hold on, before we discuss this terrorist attack, lemme sneak outside for a butt”? Also, smokers are predisposed to telling white lies because everyone’s always trying to get them to quit, so they’re always saying stuff like, “Come on, I only have one or two a day,” when they’re really sneaking off behind garages and getting up at 2 a.m. pretending to get a glass of water and then plowing through a butt in 30 seconds. That makes me nervous. I don’t want my president to have a life built around white lies. Unless he’s totally open about the smoking … then it’s OK.Β 

I thought it was interesting because how much do you think the leader’s personal life affects her/his leadership?
If you were a member of a church with a really great pastor, but the pastor smoked (but never in front of the parish), would that change your perception of the pastor as a leader?
I know that it will in the Korean churches. I know I’m over-generalizing, but the feeling I get from the Koreans is that they feel they can’t really “live up” to the Christian standards, so if they can’t, their pastor better. I feel that there’s is little to no grace shown to the pastor from the Korean church.

Is it fair that we hold our leaders to a higher standard than we hold ourselves?
How much of the pastor’s personal should affect our perception of the pastor?
Is it okay for the church to put their pastors on a pedestal? Could this be a reason why so many pastor’s fall? Because they’re held up to a higher and different standard than the average joe Christian? (Should there even be such a thing as an “average Joe Christian”?)

I guess this can go further into asking, how much of our personal lives, as pastor, should stay personal?
Just some questions that came to mind, and thought I’d ask.

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