Necessary Evil

Ah. It’s 135am. And I am wide awake. Why? Because we are having an all boys lock-in at our church. About 20 or so boys and one me.
I hate lock-ins. I really do. But it’s nice to just let kids have fun once in a while, you know?
And it’s one of those better ways to reach out to boys. Today, for our lock-in several new boys showed up and many who haven’t been to our ministry for months showed up. They participated in our Friday Night program of dinner/fellowship, praise and small group Bible studies. Maybe they’ll come back next Friday or Sundays to partake in our Friday Night Bible Studies and/or Sundays.

Right now, we have 4 TVs and 3 LCDs hooked up to PS2s, Xbox 360, PS3 (one of our kids have an PS3!!!) and they’re loud.
Good news, though. We had a mini Madden 2008 tournament. I won. With the ‘Skins. I have the rights to trash talk to my kids.  Tonight, I was unstoppable.
But still, I’d rather be at home, in my bed, falling asleep to the sound of my wife’s breathing. =)

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