Young Adult Ministry

What’s one way to nurture the growth in a ministry geared toward the 20-somethings?
When does “young adult” end and “adult” begin?

I really love our young adult ministry. I think more than the current youth ministry. But it’s at an odd place right now. We have so many of the younger 20s that a lot of the older 20s feel they’re too old.
We stopped calling it the “college ministry” because not everyone is in college. And it’s not that we’re cold and exclusive to the newcomers.

But I feel we’re at an odd place, where we are ready to grow but maybe, I just don’t know how to.
I’m not worried at all about the numbers and statistics, please don’t get me wrong. But I feel like there are SO many people in their 20s that are just looking and searching for a deeper truth, and here we are, a nice small humble ministry offering a place for them to explore and search for that deeper truth.
Maybe we’re not going out to the community enough. But see, that’s the problem. Our church is Aiea KOREAN United Methodist Church. Sometimes, I think just the fact that “Korean” is in the name of the church pushes many away. A lot of Korean churches try to be multicultural, but they just end up attracting Koreans. I really want this to be a multicultural ministry. I live in Hawaii! We’re the melting pot central of the US! But 90% of our young adult members and our youth are Korean.
But most Koreans do go to church. They might not be disciples of Christ, but they go to church. Meaning, if we want more Koreans, they would have to leave their current church to come to ours. And I don’t want that.

What are some things that your churches do to get the Word out to your communities? Because I think that’s another thing that the Korean churches don’t do well: serve the community that the church is in. Mainly because the community that surrounds the church aren’t Korean.

This is, and has been, one of my prayer topics.

2 thoughts on “Young Adult Ministry

  1. Your concerns are not uncommon. I lead a young adult ministry in Los Angeles. We are predominately African Amercian but would love to associate with everyone who loves Christ. One of the things we are thinking about doing is started a young adult ministry “crash” where we would “crash” visit young adult ministries that don’t look like us.

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