Some Snags I’ve Ran into For Probationary Membership

Nothing seems to be going right.
First, apparently my seminary never charged me for housing my last year, which I don’t know how it happened. So there’s a hold on my account, meaning that I can’t request transcripts yet. I don’t know how this happened, or how they let me graduate if this was the case.

Second, I just got an email from the probationary registrar saying that they don’t have a copy of my Tier I assessment. That’s a no biggie. It’s being sent this week.

I just got another email telling me my interview is scheduled for March 5.
Which is the worst timing ever! I emailed the registrar asking if I could be moved up to early February, though that would probably cost more. But I really do not want to postpone, delay, push back my decision to fast.
I feel like if I do postpone, I may never get around to doing it.

I’m sure something will work out.

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