I wrote a post a while back about personal journals.
I write in my personal journals as much as I can. And there far more personal than what I can share online.
However, recently, I’ve been reading the Bible, and taking a verse that stood out and write a short reflection on them.
It’s really been helping me in appreciating the Bible far more. I remember growing up and people kept saying, the Bible’s so fascinating, and me thinking that they’re big dorks. But the Bible is fascinating. And I am a big dork.
I’m currently reading I Samuel, and yesterday’s section was when David confronts Goliath. The verse that struck to me was 17:45b … but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty. 
Why did this verse stick out?
Well for me, it’s a reminder that God is more than enough, and our trust and faith should be in God and God alone. In opposition to his enemy, Goliath. Goliath depended on his own strength, his own merits, on him and him alone. And I think that’s how I handle a lot of situations and struggles that come up in my life. I think I depend on myself too much and think too highly of myself.
But David came in the name of the Lord and nothing else. He rejected the armor and the sword that Saul offered, because he knew that the name of the Lord would be more than enough to face his giant.

And it’s a reminder to me that the name of the Lord is enough for me to face my gigantic struggles.

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