• We Need Rest

    That was the line from Ordering Your Private World that made me stop and think on the bus ride to church this morning. MacDonald goes on saying that this generation is a tired generation. I think that we are even more of a tired generation since this book was written. I constantly do see myself… Continue Reading

  • Pastor Dress Code?

    Do you feel that a pastor should be wearing a suit and tie (or formal attire) when s/he is preaching? My dad and I got into this discussion before he left for speaking engagements in Korea. I told him that I personally don’t mind seeing a pastor in jeans, even, and preaching the gospel. My… Continue Reading

  • Spiritual Stillness

    I guess Spiritual Stillness can be interpreted as a good thing. Being still, meditating, listening for the voice of God. But I mean it in a negative way, as Spiritual stagnation. When we don’t grow. When we stay still and do… nothing. Or when pastors get “bored” in their settings. It also happens when pastors… Continue Reading

  • A Little Backwards?

    Have you noticed (or is it just me) that when teachers get older (and therefore more experience and wiser) the schools “reward” them by giving them the “good” students? While the “rookie” teachers get the “bad” students? Can’t it be argued that the more experienced teachers may have better ways to deal with the more… Continue Reading

  • Thursday’s Random Thoughts

    These are actual thoughts that ran into my mind throughout the day. I go to Starbucks way too much. They start making my drink as soon as I walk in the door Everyone is hinting that I should get a haircut Am I too old to be thoroughly enjoying WWE? I want to write a… Continue Reading