The Things We Do For Love

What a great Super Bowl it was! I’m sad that Tom Brady and the Pats lost. But it was a great game.

Anyway, for those who do not know, I’m a huge Redskins fan. I admit, I didn’t start out as a Redskins fan. The first football game I ever saw (on TV) was a 49ers game and I remember Montana throwing a TD pass to Rice. I grew up as a die hard 49ers fan. And rejoiced immensely when Niners beat the Chargers in Super Bowl 29. I can still tell you the starting 11 of the Niners D. Crazy.

But when living DC, my wife gave me ‘Skins tickets for my birthday. The first (and hopefully not last) NFL game I attended. Great seats too. The experience transformed me, and here I am, a Redskins fan. Of course I did all the research on relevant history (good and bad) of the Redskins in lieu of my seminary studies.

There was a common thread in rooting for both teams: the hatred for the Dallas Cowboys. Never liked them. Never will.

But here lies the problem.
Rahel, my wife is from Dallas. And Rahel, my wife is a Cowboys fan. I knew that before I married her, and I really thought that I could convince her to be… sane and root against the so called “America’s team.”

This past Christmas, I asked Rahel what she wanted. She looked at me and said, “you know a Cowboys jersey would be really nice. Maybe TO’s.”
So I went shopping. I went to a sporting store and looked through jerseys. I picked up a TO jersey and really stood there for 5 minutes holding it. Long enough for an employee to come and ask me if everything is okay. I told him that my wife wanted a Cowboys jersey. He said TO was a good choice. I told him that I was a Redskins fan. And he asked, why did you marry her then? Of course he was joking, I think.

But I got her the jersey. It makes me feel sick when I see it in the closet. At one end of the closet is the TO jersey. At the other end of the closet my beloved Taylor jersey (a gift from her) hangs.

She wore her jersey while watching the Super Bowl (!??!). When the game was over, she said, I can’t wait till next season when we go out to sports bar to watch Cowboys games! I’m going to wear this jersey!

There were two things that really bothered me about that comment.
First, she wants me to take her to sports bars to watch Cowboys’ games. The Cowboys’ games! As long as Cowboys are playing on Monday Night or a Saturday, she wants me to go watch the Cowboys’ games. Surrounded by Cowboys fans.
Second, she’s going to wear that jersey. Everyone that sees us will see that the woman I am with is a Cowboys fan. And might assume I might be one too.

I guess there’s one thing I’m not looking forward to next season.

I can’t believe a woman so pretty, so sophisticated, so intelligent can like the Cowboys.
I guess no one really is perfect.

5 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love

  1. hi pastor joe,
    I have visited here couple times and read your articles/journals before but today I decide to leave a comment. There is a reason why rahel wears glasses, she just can’t see things/people very well..and married you… =p you probably heard this many times from everyone so i will stop here..=)
    I will come visit more often!

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