Closeness with God

So in my QTs, I’ve gotten up to 2 Samuel now. David is now officially anointed as king. In chapter 7, God gives Nathan a message to deliver to David. In response, David goes to pray to God. There was something about the relationship that David had with God. It was intimate. It was personal. Reading David’s prayer to God in chapter 7 made me envious and just ashamed.

It made me envious because David had a close, personal and intimate relationship with God. It made me ashamed because that relationship is there for me, but I don’t take advantage of it. If I feel distant from God, it’s not God’s fault, but my own.

Doing these QTs has certainly helped me feel closer to God and I can sense a change in me, especially who I exegete the text within my own cultural context. But I’m still not doing enough. I need to pray more. I need to be silent more and just listen.

The thing about David at this point is that we all can see who he is living for. We all understand who David’s God is. In my life, I don’t know at times who I am living for. Is it really God? Is it really just for me? Or for my church? Or for my family? And is God really the Lord of my life everyday, all the time?

Years ago, when my uncle learned that I was going to seminary, for my birthday, he sent me three books. They’ve been sitting on my shelf for 6 years. I finally took one of the book off the shelf and started reading it. It’s Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald. I think it’s going to help me become a better person for God.

And this subject saddens me, because I know many pastors are going through the motions of ministry. Their love and desire for God has been dried up because they have been so busy with taking care of other people and meeting their needs that they have ignored their own heart’s desire to know and love God. We as pastors need to remain healthy in order to help our church stay healthy. I strongly believe that.
We need to take a moment in each of our days to just be still and know God.
I think it will immensely help us in our walk with God and leading God’s people.

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