Thursday’s Random Thoughts

These are actual thoughts that ran into my mind throughout the day.

  • I go to Starbucks way too much. They start making my drink as soon as I walk in the door
  • Everyone is hinting that I should get a haircut
  • Am I too old to be thoroughly enjoying WWE?
  • I want to write a devotional book for youth leaders
  • I have way too many songs on my iPod that I do not listen to
  • If Ronald McDonald, Jack, The King and Wendy’s got in a brawl, who would come out on top?
  • God told Ezekiel to bake bread by using human excrements as fuel. Gross. Ezekiel said he has never defiled himself, and God said use cow poop instead. Still gross.
  • I do not like it when people dress their pets
  • I use too much sports analogies in my bible studies and sermons
  • I recommend you to go rent Once. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen so far.
  • If everyone realized that they were a child of God, how different would our world be? What would our world look like?

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. Stop going to Starbucks. They are evil. Yes. Yes. Do it. Wendy. If you’re lucky enough for God to give you instructions as to what to do with your life here on earth, then you best listen, or you could be crazy, either way, OBEY! Then don’t dress your pet. Use marching band analogies. Ok, I will. People would still flawed, hopefully more forgiving, but I fear that they would invoke God even more for their own petty and selfish beliefs. It’d be like that Southpark episode where the Allied Atheist Alliance is at war with the United Atheist Alliance. Dude, use South Park analogies.

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