A Little Backwards?

Have you noticed (or is it just me) that when teachers get older (and therefore more experience and wiser) the schools “reward” them by giving them the “good” students? While the “rookie” teachers get the “bad” students?
Can’t it be argued that the more experienced teachers may have better ways to deal with the more “bad” students?

And I think it’s sad when teachers just don’t want to deal with students because they are “bad.” My wife has a student who no one wants in their classroom. She constantly does complain about him, but she complains more that no one wants to teach him, and they seem to be glad that my wife gets him in her class, because she’s the newbie. To her credit, she treats him and loves him just like all of her students. Her supervisor tells her that no one else deals with him the she does, so the supervisor might place him in her tutor class next quarter.
I’m not saying these teachers are bad. I know in ministry, there are people I just don’t want to minister too. I know that’s a bad thing, but I’m human too. There are characteristics that I don’t like and a few that I just can’t tolerate. But I try my best to love everyone. I know there must be things about me that probably make other people want to go to a different church.

But, I see it everywhere. The people that really need love, care and help, we tend to push them further out of our sight; out of sight, out of mind.
And the people that have enough, we’re more drawn to them. Why is that?
I think James would say, it’s because we show favoritism, that we become respecter of people, not of God. And when we become respecter of people, I think we tend to respect people who have a lot, who can do something for us in return.

How do we get our people to really show love and mercy to those who are really in need of it?

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