Thursday’s Random Thoughts (And Links)

This is more for me than for anyone who reads. It just helps clear my mind. And Thursdays are just an odd day of the week for me, so therefore, it seems appropriate. At least in my head.

  • Have you seen this? I guess that means I pee sitting down. I sometimes peed sitting down. It made less of a mess… haha
  • Never use a note that your wife gives you as a bookmark. Bookmarks fall out easily and can get lost, like at a Starbucks
  • I go to Starbucks way too much. The people knew that the note from my wife that I used as a bookmark was mine, and they returned it to MY WIFE (!!!!!) and not me. She was not happy that I so carelessly left a note that she wrote out of love for me.
  • Sometimes, as a pastor, it’s just best to not try to say something comforting or smart or reassuring, but to just sit, listen and be there
  • I can’t get the image of Jesus chasing chicken (or birds) out of my head. It’s day 14 on the video
  • I can’t grow a rock star type of hairstyle
  • It’s Thursday. I am finished with BOTH sermons for Sunday. I do not know what to do
  • Am extremely anxious and nervous about my interviews with the BOM next Wednesday. Extremely nervous.
  • I miss snow.
  • What would happen to the world if it started snowing in Hawaii? (Not in the mountains)
  • Elianna is a pretty name that I’m considering for the daughter I do not have, but desperately want and pray for. (Eliana means “the Lord answers”)

Some links:

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