10 Years to Find Your Voice?

I like watching stand-up comedians. In fact, when I first started seminary and needed to learn how to preach, I went and studied a lot of stand-up comedians, because I felt that, for the most part, they were more intimate with the people they are speaking to.
And a lot of times, they used humor to make poignant comments on society and life.

I was watching this documentary on the History channel called “History of the Joke.”
One comedian commented that it takes 10 years for comedians to find their voice and hit their stride.

I begin to wonder if that could be true in ministry and preaching the Word.
I have to admit, I struggle with finding my voice. I know that it will only get better as I preach more and more. But is 10 years a little too long, or does it sound just about right?

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