I hate going to the hospital.
I try to avoid it as much as I can.
I just hate being there, being probed, shots, the smell, the white walls, and so forth.

But today, my wife had to go to the ER. Not being the patient and just waiting, now that’s the worst.
My wife had sharp pains in her stomach, and she called me. I, of course, dropped everything at church and drove way past the speed limit to go home.
We debated whether she really needed to go, but we thought the safe and smart choice was to go.
Turns out, everything is okay.
She was happy with the morphine they gave her.
But we went to the ER around 1040a and we didn’t get to leave the hospital until 3p. It was a long day. And most of the time I was outside in the waiting room wondering what was going on. That sucked.

I thought, maybe, that she was pregnant when she wasn’t feeling well earlier this week. But the doctors confirmed that she was not pregnant. Oh well.

But I’m just glad she is safe and doing okay. It was a hectic and stressful day, with a very happy ending.
She’s in the room sleeping peacefully.

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