Your Thoughts on Suicide?

If someone asked you about suicide and how it’s dealt with in the Bible, what would you say to them?

I think most of my kids (and probably many Christians) think that there’s no redeeming the soul of the victim of suicide.

So if that’s what a pastor believes, how s/he do a funeral service of one who has committed suicide?

5 thoughts on “Your Thoughts on Suicide?

  1. My 2 cents is it might help the pastor to focus his thoughts on the guidance and support he would be providing to the family and friends of the recently departed.

  2. Romans 8 – Nothing can separate us from God’s love, neither life nor death. I would also suggest that you name the reality of suicide, that we do not understand it or why it happened

  3. Stephen, thank you for the link.

    Ross – I agree. The reason this came to mind was, once I heard a pastor just do a horrible thing from the pulpit by preaching his belief on what suicide is, and that we as the church should hope and pray for the best for the victim’s soul.
    it was just wrong.

    Andrew, That’s one of my favorite verses.

  4. My pastoral and theological answer is that suicide is not a straight-shot to Hell. In my understanding, this is a Catholic belief based on the notion that sins can be divided into mortal and venial categories, and that one cannot go to Heaven with an unshriven mortal sin. Suicide is a mortal sin and cannot be repented of, therefore suicide victims are hellbound.

    Many Protestants have imported this belief into their own thinking without considering why they think that suicide inevitably leads to damnation.

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