What Would You Do?

I was talking to a friend of mine who is possibly going to a church with about 60-70 members, majority of them are just out of college and starting their first job.

He said that about 70% of the members are non-churched and de-churched people.

I feel a calling to that sort of congregation too, for the nominally religious to the non-religious people.

What are some great ways to facilitate growth? (not just physical growth of the church, but a spiritual growth and deepening their commitment to their faith)

4 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I would tell them the story of Jesus. I think that the narrative of scripture is an important thing about which we cannot know enough and around which we can shape our lives.

  2. I would show them how Christian beliefs aren’t as far-reaching as some make it out to be. Loving your neighbor, helping those less fortunate than you, and loving God/the universe/whatever you want to call it, that nobody’s perfect, are practical concepts that they probably already grasp or agree with. The difference is that Christianity gives name to all those things, includes parable, and a way to deal with our longings and imperfections, as well as an understanding of what makes life so difficult sometimes. I’m not sure if that’s coherent. I’m pretty tired as I’m writing this, but this is something I’m interested, speaking as someone who can easily relate to skeptics of religion.

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