Pastors Borrowing from Other Pastors

I think we, as preachers, have all borrowed other pastor’s material and sermons.

But what’s the “right” way to do it?

I remember my NT professor, Dr. Hill, talking about how he was sitting in a small church in England and the pastor was preaching a sermon that Dr. Hill wrote, word for word.

Admittedly, sometimes, I forget to give credit where credit is due, and my wife gives me an earful about it.

So, when we are borrowing, what’s the right way to do it? (By “right”, I don’t really know what I mean…)

2 thoughts on “Pastors Borrowing from Other Pastors

  1. I have two brief thoughts:

    1) “borrowing” is stealing/plagarism if we don’t acknowledge that it is not our own thinking. If the audience I am speaking/preaching to would not likely recognize the name of the person whose material I am using, I don’t use the name – but I do say something like, “as one scholar has said.”
    I think acknowledging the sources that we use is an integrity issue… just my thoughts.

    2) preaching in particular is always contextual, so I think using other people’s material is best done in moderation. the main content of the message should fit the particular audience you are speaking to

    Hey, I had 2 points, so I guess that is my 2 cents (though it is surely worth much less)

  2. Your 2 cents are always valuable to me, at least.
    I was going to say, “you always have a fan in me” but it was going to sound really corny. So I decided to not say it, but then I did in explaining to you what I wasn’t going to say…

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